88_spread_submissionsGuidelines for Submitting Contributed Articles to Eight by Eight

Eight by Eight is the magazine the beautiful game deserves. As the print side of our operation grows, our editorial team is in the process of cultivating an online community of reported news features, analysis, and thought pieces to complement our four annual issues.

Eight by Eight is not a generalist football news site to share your blog post. Like the print edition, we are looking for provocative, incisive, and well-written content about the game that’s unique in approach and angle. We like articles that introduce new ideas and advance conversation around the global game.

The process for publication is selective, however, and all articles are subject to editing. Headlines and subheads are subject to change, content may be edited for style or substance, links may be added for context, and art will be added at the discretion of the Eight by Eight staff. Articles may or may not be promoted on Eight by Eight’s homepage, across our family of social media platforms, and made available to our syndication partners.

Typically, contributed articles are 1,000 words or less. Because we are a new publication, we do not pay for web-based contributed pieces, but if they’re

engaging to read and useful to our audience, we will energetically promote them. If a piece really impresses, it may be pitched to the magazine, either in its current form or with the intent to expand—resulting in the payment of the author.

Eight by Eight requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for at least 24 hours, after which time they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on Eight by Eight, accompanied by an image of the latest magazine cover. Please note that pitches and article submissions are currently reviewed approximately once a week. Due to the high volume we are unable to respond to submissions that are not accepted for publication.

If Eight by Eight is interested in a contributed article, turnaround time is typically a few days. Please send either pitches or completed articles to [email protected] 

Contributed articles run online; the print magazine is almost exclusively written by hand picked contributors or by professional journalists who contribute regularly to the magazine.