PUMA x Eight by Eight: NYC City Pack

PUMA x Eight by Eight: NYC City Pack

By December 2, 2020 Art & Culture, Fashion

Eight by Eight collaborated with PUMA for the latest drop of their “City Pack” series, designing a limited edition PUMA Future 5.1 boot inspired by New York City.

pumaboot_1The series is somewhat of a collaborator’s dream, offering relatively free rein to partners around the world in an effort to generate bona fide expressions of cities by actual city folk and shake the feathers of traditional boot design. As New York natives, we jumped at the chance to create a boot inspired by our home town and held no reservations in designing something truly bold and unique that would stand out in a crowded boot space and possess an undeniably Eight by Eight look and feel.

The concept—“A New York Minute”—celebrates the pace and grit of life in NYC… with just the right tinge of chaos. The concept sought to estrange common perception of the city from modern glitz and glamor and instead ground it in something more genuine and reflective of the NYC we know, love, and, more recently, have missed. From the seedy hole-in-the-wall food spot, to an aging subway system, to a ragged and worn Chinatown pitch or a spontaneous rooftop. The hustle and grind of the New Yorker is not always beautiful, but their sincerity to industry is what separates them from the rest.

Taking inspiration from PUMA’s typically loud aesthetic, artist Diego Patiño, adorned the boots with light streaks to represent blurred traffic and a dizzying distortion of movement against time. An illustrated rat and caffeinated eyeball relayed themes of subway grime and the 24/7 grind, while wild sonic spirals, lightning bolts, and clashing checkerboard further provoked the senses to match the anarchy and disorder of the city. All ultimately colliding to convey an artistic expression of what “a New York minute” both looks and feels like.

The hero of the campaign is a short quick-cut video shot guerilla style on gritty film predominantly in the city’s lower east side. Check it out below.

The limited edition NYC City Pack (only 100 produced worldwide) is available exclusively at Soccer.com and at the PUMA store in NYC. The boots come in both firm ground (FG) and turf (TF) models.



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