Introducing the Women’s World Cup issue of Eight by Eight!

Introducing the Women’s World Cup issue of Eight by Eight!

By May 15, 2019 Issue 15

We’re incredibly proud to publish our latest issue of Eight by Eight. It is filled with great photography, illustration, and writing about the beautiful game, and we hope that you’ll consider subscribing to support the cause of original, independent football journalism.

15_1In this issue, you’ll see that we have devoted 40 pages to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and we were thrilled to hang out with some of the great characters on the US Women’s National Team, specifically Alex Morgan (on our cover), Carli Lloyd, Crystal Dunn, Mallory Pugh, and Megan Rapinoe.

15_2It was no surprise that the World Cup holders are a special bunch. We knew they’d be oozing with intensity and self–confidence, but didn’t expect them to be such articulate, polished, and congenial people.  Writer, David Hirshey had not met the 19ers until he interviewed them for this issue. “They were fun-loving and personable and imbued with the same sense of mission as the 99ers,” he says. “There will never be a more transformative team in American soccer, male or female, than the 99ers, but the 19ers have a chance to write their own history this summer by winning back-to-back World Cups.” 

The tournament in France is by no means going to be easy. The USWNT’s competition might be the strongest yet at a World Cup, with as many as six teams having a legitimate shot. That said, we’d have a hard time betting against this bunch.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Qatar’s stunning victory in February’s Asian Cup final highlighted how and why soccer has become a matter of utmost diplomatic importance in a dispute that’s far more than just a regional spat. The story involves high-level intrigue, power politics, billions of dollars, and a massive disinformation campaign targeting the European press. Qatar’s 2022 World Cup has the potential to change the global game forever.

15_4Premier League managers are in one of the most insecure professions imaginable. Up until this season it has always been Sir Alex Ferguson and the rest, but with Manchester City’s epic triumph and Liverpool’s record-setting points total for second place, maybe things are changing. We look at all 288 men who have held a managerial position in the league and wonder who’ll be the 289th now that Brighton manager Chris Hughton has been the first post-season casualty.

15_3As an independent magazine it’s your support that enables us to continue bringing you the stories from around the football world. We hope you’ll buy the issue and join us.

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