We teamed up with Avery Dennison to create an exclusive badge of our own. Get yours by picking up a copy of issue 07. 


There is no symbol in football more important than the badge. It’s a club’s heartbeat, an emblem that instantly conjures the emotions that fans and players require to thrive—heartache, joy, longing, anger. Tonight we play for the badge. At Eight by Eight, we already have a badge of sorts (check out the front cover), but our friends at Avery Dennison approached us to say they could help us make it better.

Avery Dennison would know. The global branding manufacturer partners with some of the biggest football brands across the world, including PUMA, to design and create world class embellishments (badges, names, numbers, and tags) which can seen on the team shirts and fan wear for clubs such as Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, and the Italian National team, to name a few. Patch_Detail-5Most fans will have never heard of Avery Dennison before; in the words of Nikita Jayasuriya, who heads up Avery Dennison’s Halo Brands & Special Projects, the company is a “behind the scenes” shop. But that’s quickly changing: About four years ago Avery Dennison developed a team of top-tier creative designers and textile developers specifically to make innovative products for football clubs, many of whom originated from the brands they work with, like PUMA and Nike. Instead of just selling products, they present technologies, proven and experimental, that can be used in shirts and club apparel. This includes badges, like the one you’ll find in every copy of issue 07. 88_07_AD_SketchOver the course of several months, we worked with Jayasuriya and his team to develop the Eight by Eight FC badge. Design is a long, iterative process, but we’re thrilled with how it turned out. Ultimately, we settled on a traditional, high density woven badge, featuring the Eight by Eight logo and our new unofficial mascot, an octopus. Choosing an octopus was a no-brainer: They’re highly intelligent, adaptable, and have eight tentacles. And of course, we’re huge fans of the late Paul the Octopus, whose amazing predictions made the 2010 World Cup that much more special. The badge is available in three distinct colorways, was designed in London, and produced at Avery Dennison’s Collitex facility in Italy.12331758_1658856461069400_1062296621_nWe hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

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