Eight by Eight

is a boldly designed large-format magazine born and raised in New York City. We focus on the game’s best teams, coaches, and players, and their stories, from the bubbling potential of America’s burgeoning programs to the storied traditions of Europe’s greatest clubs.

It is our ambition to tell these stories through excellent journalism; aggressive, modern design; and the best illustration and photography. Our readers are smart and inquisitive, seeking a better understanding of the game’s unseen narratives and delighting in its complexities. We believe that the same drama that captivates imaginations from the pitch should flow through our pages.

 So, what’s with our name? The goalposts are silent witnesses to the most dramatic moments in the game.
They stand 8 feet high by 8 yards long—Eight by Eight.


Robert Priest
Founder/Editor in Chief
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Grace Lee
Founder/Creative Director
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Cooper Lemon
Communications & Marketing Director
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 Michael C. Scott
Dir. of Commercial Partnerships
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Christian Johnson
Editorial Associate
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Gary Ross
John Grimwade
Infographics Director
Bob Roe
Contributing Editor


Danial Adkinson
Copy Editor
Rob Horning
Copy Editor
Carlos Paredes
Digital Image Specialist



spd_logo_2 The Society of Publication Designers Competition recognizes the highest examples of design, photography and illustration excellence in both print and digital platforms. Out of over 6000 entries, Eight by Eight received the highest honor of Magazine of the Year in 2015 along with 12+ medals along with several merit awards in 2014-2015.


min_logo_2 The award for “Hottest Launches of the Year” is presented annually by MIN: Media Industry Newsletter, a professional resource for magazine brand leaders. Out of nearly 800 new magazines launched between October 2013 and the end of September 2014, Eight by Eight was named among only 30 magazines nominated for the award.


We thank you for your interest in Eight by Eight.

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